annual report 2017

Second annual report of center Levania for 2016 – mid 2017

After finishing the first working period of 2014-2015 (the report is here), we held a cycle of open planning meetings and discussions with partners, colleagues, representatives of target groups. As a result, we elaborated activity plan for the following working cycle. Due to the scope of work it took us one and a half year to accomplish.  The cycle ended in June 2017, so it is high time to sum up the results and to move further.

Therefore, for the period from January 2016 to June 2017 we defined several strategic priorities of our activities. Let us look them through.

annual report 2015

Public annual report of the center Levania

In November 2014 we became an officially registered organization. This status implies for us a set of norms and standards, including the norms of public relations. It refers, for example, to the open presentation of the organization’s purposes, plans and achievements. The annual report is one of such communication forms with our current and potential partners, colleagues and other stakeholders. Therefore, in addition to the regular activity reports, we are publishing the first annual report of the center Levania.

While planning our activities for 2015 we had decided to investigate and study through miscellaneous actions the specificity of our sphere, i.e. the structure and functioning of the state system targeting the children with disabilities (various neurological disorders is our primary focus). We had outlined main directions as follows:

  1. Participation in the development of legislative norms for inclusion of the educational system.
  2. Establishment of the support and resource center for parents.
  3. Organization of events for education, training and rehabilitation.

The main results we managed to achieve are described below.


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